Modern Contemporary Villa in Kuwum

My role in this project was as principle architect on behalf of SHL. This private villa nestled in Banjar Kuwum , north part of Kuta. Heres some of the exterior photos of the villa (photos credit to Krishna Aditya).


This villa consists of 4 comfortable bedroom with their own bathroom , open living dining , media room , open kitchen , 4×10 pool and staff area.

When the first time I came here , the site were not purely empty land. There was a sign of dismantled and abandoned of the former building. The existing land was in two level. The first idea came out from my head was to keep this level rather than make it flat in one level. And I created the “infinity pool” in between the level.

If you are sitting in the living room or have a meal in the dining table, you can feel the fresh breeze, bird song and warm “sexy” tropical climate. There are two way to reach this area, first from the main gate and secondly from the private access thru the kitchen. This private access is only for the staff. From the main gate, you will be welcomed by fish pond.

Okay here is the plan :

/Volumes/MS Projects/SHL Asia/SHL_Plan BW.dwg

Some other pictures showing the rooms

Soo.. thats little bit about the villa. May in the future I’ll make some update about the concept etc.

Some of this beautiful pictures are taken from their official website :






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