Recycled Wood at Soekawana

One of our friend, Selina Veronica came to SHL with an interesting project to proposed. An retirement villa of a business owner based in Jakarta. Our part was to make connection between upper land with the lower land where the main Villa sits. This villa has amazing view , the hill on the opposite of the land along the Petanu River Sukawati region. When the first time I came here , I were hypnotised by the scenery 😮


The challenge came when the owner briefed to don’t too much cut the land and make it as natural as possible. The design were not come instantly after the first site inspection. There were rubbish everywhere and the existing contour had changed due the architecture work construction.


And then our natural stairs design was accepted. The idea adopted from how Balinese farmer does their stairs in terracing rice field , but we improved it in the dimension standard and the material finishing. We decided to use recycle wood as the ladders. Iron wood and used to train railway. From upper land the view are gradually visible and when the stairs ended up on the pool deck and you stand there, you will see all the amazing view 🙂


The project completion on earlier 2012 with Balinese ceremonial, to respect the local genius.


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