Wind flows thru the wall

Well this is our very first project after decided to made private studio design , later named Studio Hijau Lumut or SHL. Altogether we did for overall landscape designs for former Semara Seminyak Resorts and Spa. Now the property has new owner and they make many changing for the physical looks and the name are changed into Montigo.

I will write little about one of design innovation we’ve made in this project. Look at the pictures below :

It’s look like nothing in the back of the wall or we can’t see any other building from this point of view. The truth : there were 2 stories building behind the wall (hotel block), and the wall we see were not totally massive.


This innovation came when the client challenged us, how to keep the view privacy to or from their villa to the hotel block in front. Something that keep the privacy but not bulky without leave the artistic point.

So I came up with the raw oval material that have not been made by any supplier yet. We joined the material with certain angle so from the front we can’t see what are standing behind clearly. Even we can see from the side view, it will be blocked by the dense softscape combination.


Hopefully the new owner of the property keep this wall stands.

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