moment in pahang

I was so lucky can to be here in Villa Casabrina with architect Yokasara , the most artistic architect in Bali I said 🙂 . It was collaboration project with Mr Yokasara as the leader. SHL were in charge for the landscape design, later this project handled by my partner Kadek Sasta. The project was extended development from previous successful project in the same area, but different plot of land. Very very big land.

If you enjoy to see green, calm , bird song, quiet ….you won’t be boring to be here hehehhe. The location is in highland Pahang, Malaysia..far enough from the airport and the crowd.

The villa pics shown on this blog are the existing villa from the previous successful development. And SHL team was given privilege to stay at a villa on lower land ..hmm I can’t remember the name, but it’s secluded between the trees 😀

The villa is dominated by woods , the hard one. Woods and glasses. If you wanted an experience to sleep at night seeing big trees around you, you can just open the curtain along the night.

the team on discussion
dinner time

Well, it was very nice moment to meet up with the whole team, from the owner team, architect , landscape architect, interior designer (Kezia Karin) and the MEP. All work together to create something beautiful and memorable.


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