Selong Belanak

Selong Belanak!

Night Light

Look at the white dots on the picture above. Yes, you’re right! That came from the fisherman boat lamps shine in the dark in Selong Belanak coast. I came here in the afternoon and the weather that day was cloudy with soft rainy. So I missed the sunset. But then I got this beautiful boats light, without distracted by the starlight. It doesn’t mean I don’t like the starlight hahaha. Starlight also my favourite gift from the universe.

afternoon cloudy day
Earlier day , view from the hill
Other angel

Selong Belanak is located in southern part of Lombok island. Take around a hour to reach this place from the Lombok International Airport in Praya. Some new facilities are being developed in this area to support the tourism. On holiday season, many tourist come here to enjoy the beach and afternoon sunset mood. Even though they don’t have direct sunset, but still worth it to spend the day in this place 🙂


















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