Hi, this is my personal blog. My name is Made Sugiantara. I’m Balinese by born and Architect by profession. I have great interest both on design and construction.

My architectural journey was started when I entered formal education in Architecture Engineering Faculty in University of Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta in mid of year 2000. And then graduated in 2005 (thanks to all my lecturers for all the knowledge) .

Since 2010 , I joining a professional design team called Studio Hijau Lumut which now is known as SHL asia . I was one of the co-founders. Years before joining the team, I gained experience by learning from several (senior) architects, direct and indirectly. The first was from Mr Hendry Kusnadi (Indomegah Architect, Jakarta) , I worked for him after graduation for a year. Later I involved in Mr Antony Liu + Mr Ferry Ridwan and Karl Princic project, named The Bale Resort project ( the extension). From Mr Popo Danes , I learned from the Villa Karang Tinggi project. The project located in the cliff of Kutuh (southern part of Bali). Next with Mr Komang Jeghier , I did several 3D rendering for his design. Later I decided to stop take 3D rendering job, after I wanted to strengthen my muscle in design process 🙂


In 2014 , together with Gusde Purnama I formed construction team named Upadana Semesta. Which do construction service for high quality result project.